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Pacifica Sailing Charters Testimonials


Captain Mick is Awsome!!

My wife and I have sailed quite a bit, but Captain Mick made our day in the sun so special!
The boat was immaculate and sailed so beautifully!
Mick's superb boat handling skills made our sailing trip around SD bay comfortable and extremely enjoyable while his easy manner and

funny personality were icing on the cake, we cannot recommend his operation more highly.

Steve p.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


So great to be out on the water -  Mick was a great Captain!  Would love to sail with him again soon.

CarolAnn G.
Tempe, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters

This was a great tour indeed .... the view of the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego shoreline 3 hours of relaxation is worth every minute. 

The captain was amazing very social and experience.

Moe F.
Turlock, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

My family went out with Mick on the Masquerade.  We have done a few other sailing charters in San Diego and this was by far the best.

Mick is a great captain and guide and tailors the trip to whatever you want to do.  Highly recommended.

Nuke L.
Scottsdale, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters

We took a Friday evening charter and could not have asked for a more wonderful experience! You can tell right from go that Captain Mick

is the real deal. This was a genuine sailing experience! He delivers the information in a very witty and engaging manner.
We saw other charters out that were over-filled and seemed very commercial. Our time on the Masquerade was private, informative and
peaceful. Arrival instructions were concise and went seemless.
It was the highlight of our vacation and my only wish is that we could have been out there longer!
The Masquerade is a beautiful boat and We loved learning how to sail and find the "sweet spot"!
Thanks so much for what is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of our lives (not just that vacation)!!!

Jaime E.
Saint Thomas, Canada

Pacific Sailing Charters

Wonderful mid-day activity. I recommend requesting Anthony as your captain-enthusiastic, positive attitude, and overall a very laid back

and accommodating guide.

Alejandro S.
La Jolla, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

There are not enough words to express the all around awesomeness of Captain Mick! We celebrated our birthdays & anniversary with a 5
hour sail. First of all, Captain Mick is so friendly, down to earth, professional and an excellent educator. He has endless knowledge on sailing, Maritime history and is very willing to share all of it. The sailboat is beautiful! During the sail, we had the unexpected privilege of seeing several Macau ship including an aircraft carrier. Dolphins, barking sea lions and pelicans all around to share in the beauty of the day. You must sail with Captain Mick! Drinking isn't necessary; stay acute and soak up the experience. Respect this amazing sailboat and

Captain Mick. That's my Love lectureYou will have a super groovy sail

Pacific Sailing Charters

We couldn't be happier with our afternoon sailing with Captain Mick. We came all the way from Saskatchewan, Canada to take our kids
and father out on the ocean for the first time. What an experience it was. We learnt a tone, got to see sea lions and even dolphins jumping along side the boat!! Don't get to see those things where we come from. The kids are still talking about it! Thank you so much Mick. Highly recommend Mick to anyone of any age. We will definitely be going again when we come back.

Carissa B.
Esterhazy, Canada

Pacific Sailing Charters

We had an amazing time with Captain Mick!!  We were in San Diego on our honeymoon and did the sunset cruise our final night.  We had
the most amazing time (it was our favorite part of the trip), and Mick told us so much about sailing and about different things in the area. 

My husband even wants to take up sailing at some point now!  Mick was super funny and the second part of our trip, coming back into the bay, we were racing another sailboat which was a lot of fun as I love competition!  I would recommend him to anyone and would love to go on another cruise the next time we are in San Diego!

Pacific Sailing Charters

This is such a solid company that takes care of their customers.  I took the learn and cruise charter sailing with my GF and we absolutely
loved the trip.  Anthony, our seasoned captain was very accommodating, full of good lessons and pointed out the sights as went along.  It made our short vacation very memorable.

Sail time was not cut short and we felt well taken care of.  You cannot go wrong with this company if you are ever in San Diego and want to see the area from the water. Cheers!

Andy L.
Snellville, GA

Pacific Sailing Charters

We had an amazing time with Captain Mick!!  We were in San Diego on our honeymoon and did the sunset cruise our final night.  We had
the most amazing time (it was our favorite part of the trip), and Mick told us so much about sailing and about different things in the area. 

My husband even wants to take up sailing at some point now!  Mick was super funny and the second part of our trip, coming back into the bay, we were racing another sailboat which was a lot of fun as I love competition!  I would recommend him to anyone and would love to go on another cruise the next time we are in San Diego!

Crystal G.
Minneapolis, MN

Pacific Sailing Charters

Captain Mick is awesome! Booked the sunset cruise for me and my husband a couple of weekends ago and had a great time. He really
goes out of his way to make sure your sailing experience is enjoyable. He is super knowledgeable about the harbor and San Diego in general.

Ashleigh C.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

SO fun and SO relaxing!! My boyfriend and I have been wanting to learn more about sailing and sail boats for so long and Mick really
helped us out during the relaxing sail. Captain Mick was very welcoming and friendly and made the trip so much more fun. He even guided us on what to look for in buying a boat and showed us around one thats for sale! We had a great time and could've stayed out on the water with him all day. Definitely recommend this trip to anyone interested.

Amanda V.
Walnut, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

Our experience was wonderful. The weather was perfect, the boat was classic and our captain was both knowledgeable and entertaining.

Captain Mick gave us a one of kind sailing excursion. I would recommend him to anyone!

Amber M.
Long Beach, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

Excellent time out in the bay. Mick was an excellent captain, answering all our questions. Lots of fun seeing the Pelicans, egrets, seals,
Dolphins, and sea lions.

Diana L.
Sun City, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

Our daughter and husband gave us a charter with Captain Mick and it was a wonderful present. We had an extremely delightful time as he
gave us lots of insight into sailing and filled us on on a lot about the sea and the goings on around the San Diego harbor. Captain Mick is very entertaining; I just wish we had a few more hours on the cruise.  Looks like we will have to go back for an all day cruise to the islands with him.

We had a great time and recommend it for everyone.

Harold N.
Oceanside, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

My boyfriend and I chose this sailing tour to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, and we had an amazing time! Mick Moore was our captain
and we sailed on "The Masquerade," which was a beautiful boat. The weather/wind was perfect, so Captain Mick took us further through the bay, where we could see dolphins. And we did! They were so close to the boat, which was spectacular! Captain Mick was awesome and extremely knowledgeable. He'll tell you everything you want to know about sailing and the cool spots along San Diego's bay. He made the trip very comfortable and interesting. My boyfriend is from Chicago, so he's never experienced something like this, and he had a great time! Especially learning so much from Mick! We'll definitely be doing this again the next time we're in San Diego. Can't wait!

Caitlin H.
Williston, VT

Pacific Sailing Charters

First I will start with Captain Mick rocks!!! He is very knowledgeable about sailing and makes sure you are comfortable and know what to
expect out on the water. I tell you, I  had an amazing time sailing aboard The Madagascar she's a beauty.  Will definitely do it again with friends.

Ericka O.
Surprise, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters

My son and I had a great time on the tour! It was a lovely day - island felt like we were sailing with family and friends.

Stephanie W.
Las Vegas, NV

Pacific Sailing Charters

I booked a sunset sail to surprise my special someone on our vacation weekend, since sailing was something he'd always wanted to do. 
We were joined by another couple we didn't know. We had heavy clouds, wind, and a little spattering of rain while we were boarding and getting settled.  At the dock Mick asked us if we were up to heading out.  I asked if HE felt comfortable, and he said we'd likely have a bit of a "gnarly time," but he knew we'd be safe.  That was all my man needed to hear - a gnarly time possible!

Captain Mick delivered on the excitement, but skillfully tempered it for the couple of us (the girls, of course) who were a little nervous about the listing (or, "tipping over").  Mick taught us about wind puffs, reading the telltails, riding the line of the wind efficiently, and some stuff about San Diego along the way.  We saw the sub dock, the base, the carriers, the seals, the canyons.  It was a fantastic experience, but I don't have the typical sunny pictures to share here.  I've been sailing a few times with other captains, and Mick's racing experience brought a cool, new slant to the experience.  He was very knowledgeable, funny, and perfectly at ease with the boat, the weather, and his passengers.  My man can't wait for his next sailing opportunity - I'm so thankful for the experience!  Thanks, Mick!

Tori W.
Chandler, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters

We went sailing on a Thursday and ended up having the evening to ourselves! Great time- we learned a lot about the area and even
witness the towing of USS Peleliu (having been decommissioned) to Pearl Harbor. And of course we saw Dolphins and seals...
Highly recommended! As everyone else already said- Mick was awesome!

Sarah C.
Pittsburgh, PA

Pacific Sailing Charters

Mick was an amazing guide! It was my first visit to San Diego and I learned so much on this trip! He took us to historic areas. His love for
San Diego and for what he does are apparent. I will definitely be going back when in San Diego again!!

Yazzy S.
Novato, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

Our sailing trip was an amazing one to say the least...a beautiful Friday evening with just enough wind, sun, and warmth! Mick was really
inviting, humorous, and clearly has a deep love for sailing that he enjoys sharing with others!

Kristin H.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in terrific form with Captain Mick's capable hands. He handled his sailboat very, very well; Captain Mick (and Pacifica Sailing Charters) pulled together our sail in short order--on limited notice, and it was great. Not only was it a gorgeous day, the wind was great, the water and sky were beautiful. Captain Mick helped make this celebration a terrific memory. Thank you!

Terry D.
Holland, MI

Pacific Sailing Charters

Sailing with Captain Mick was great! He is very personable and knowledgeable about the waters. I wasn't expecting it to get as cold as it
did, but he supplied blankets and offered a beverage and chips while we were out. I'd recommend him for a sail cruise!

Amanda Y.
Fargo, ND

Pacific Sailing Charters

Great time on the bay on Saturday!  Captain Mick knows his way around the bay and made the afternoon fun and relaxing.  See you again
soon, Mick!

Carolyn S.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Had a great time with the hilarious, Captain Mick! We highly recommend this sailing charter to everyone and can't wait to go back!

Christina C.
La Jolla, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Mick was awesome!  Good dude...great guide.  The sail was fantastic, we had great weather and even better experience

Farshid M.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


I took my boyfriend out for a belated birthday sailing trip and we had a blast!  We didn't quite know what to expect, but Captain Mick made us feel right at home.  He was so open and willing to share all his knowledge with us, allowing us to learn about sailing and much more! 

We definitely had a *buttery* experience and recommend this to everyone!

Melody A.
San Jose, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Even on the coldest day of the year it was still a lot of fun. Captain Mick is great and makes the time very informative - he recommended about 5 more great things for us to do while in town. Would certainly recommend this to anyone and would do it again...

Doug J.
Wallingford, CT

Pacific Sailing Charters


I was in San diego visiting my friends last month. It was my first sailing experience. I was having trouble making an reservation date and you were really patience for my several Email. Thank you so much all ur help for us.
I had great sailing memory. It was so beautiful day with nice members :)

Kerri L.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters



We recently went sailing on the bay with Captain Mick.  What a great adventure!  I had been sailing before, but nobody else in our group had ever been.  All of us enjoyed the trip completely!  Captain Mick was a hoot!  Not only was he fun but he was also very knowledgeable about sailing, life in San Diego, the Bay, and all-around just an interesting person to spend time with.  If you are looking for a relaxing, scenic, and fun way to pass away the day, you won't be disappointed with Pacific Sailing Charters.  Captain Mick will take you on a terrific journey.

Judy H.
El Cajon, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Awesome experience sailing with Mick!! Highly recommend, super fun boat!!! I will be back!!

Ashley S.
San Luis Obispo, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


We had a fabulous time sailing with Mick on October 29, 2014. He is super knowledgeable about sailing and took us all around the bay. We learned some pretty cool facts about our military, saw some cute seals, and watched the sunset over the buildings in the bay.

I've never sailed before and it was a wonderful treat. I would highly recommend buying the groupon.

He has great recommendations for dinner as well. Just ask!

Brittany D.
Clover, SC

Pacific Sailing Charters


Coming to San Diego for vacation there were many options to choose from for attractions.  One thing we decided to do and couldn't be more glad that we did was take a Sunset Sail! It was so beautiful and honestly very entertaining with even some good knowledge given from San Diego native Captain Mick!

We couldn't have spent our last night in San Diego any better way!!

Melissa R.
Waite Park, MN

Pacific Sailing Charters


Our day with Mick on his boat couldn't have been more relaxing and fun! He gave us a good nautical vocabulary list and had a lot of fun knowledge and facts about San Diego and the bay we sailed around. We got to see lots of sea lions, pelicans and dolphins! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a fun, yet relaxing afternoon with friends, spouses, boyfriends or whoever you would like to sail the open seas with :)

 Kate S.
Pacific Beach, San Diego

Pacific Sailing Charters


GREAT Team Building activity!  Mick set up the perfect team building event to start our 2-day San Diego meeting.  It was the perfect start - clear your mind so that you can focus.  Our Team was the crew and Mick is a great teacher, listener and really made us all feel very welcome and comfortable on his beautiful boat.  We all learned a little about sailing, the wind, the ocean, learned about the history of SanDiego, saw whales and most importantly we came together as a team and learned a lot about each other.  I would highly recommend this type of activity for any corporate group or even a family. 

Thanks again Mick.   Scott S. / Genentech

Scott S.
Phoenix, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters


Definitely a Friday well spent! My friend and I had Sailing on our bucket list so we decided to buy a groupon voucher before we both moved away from SD. It was such a great deal, and we had so much fun! Captain Mick was super friendly and social, he taught us a little bit about the different sailing terms and we learned how to read the wind through the textures of the water. We had the best time relaxing with some beer and sandwiches. Since the other group of people that were supposed to join us didn't end up making it to their appointment, Captain Mick was kind enough to add on a whole hour for FREE to our 2 hour deal! This was an experience I'll remember forever, we got to learn a lot about the Sailing culture as well as check out some local Point Loma surf spots!

We definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested, you won't regret it!

Dorothy H.
Huntington Beach, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


It was the perfect sunset cruise with the perfect captain and tour guide. Mick is so nice and he is really what made the trip so much fun. I would do this again

in a heartbeat! It made me want to buy a sailboat! :)

Paulina R.
La Jolla, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Mick was a very cool, knowledgeable guy.  We had a great time.

Alyssa M.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


My husband and I had an amazing day with Captain Mick! He was full of knowledge about sailing and San Diego. We plan on going to several places he suggested and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a fun cruise and kick ass Captain!

Beth P.
Delaware, OH

Pacific Sailing Charters


Great experience! Would highly recommend this for anyone for any occasion. We will definitely be doing this again! Captain Mick really adds to the experience as well, with his humor and knowledge of San Diego.

Katie S.
Gaslamp, San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Thanks to Captain Mick we had a wonderful, relaxing 3-hour cruise!  There were two adults and two teens in our party.  We saw plenty of Navy activity with a submarine coming into port which Mick said doesn't happen a lot.  He is very knowledgeable and as a lot of other reviewers have said, you can tell he loves what he does. 

I would highly recommend this tour!  Loved it!

Janet A.
Millbrae, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Awesome time sailing.  Captain Mick is very experienced, and explains everything you need to know.  
We have been twice in a few months.

 Peggy A.
Los Alamos, NM

*Pacific Sailing Charters


An absolutely wonderful experience! I highly, highly recommend this charter! My parents were visiting San Diego from New Mexico and my Mom is especially fond of water (ya don't get much of it in the desert). It was her 60th birthday and I wanted to do something special. After a lot of online research, I settled on Pacifica Sailing Charters and I'm so glad I did. It's obvious Captain Mike is passionate about sailing and loves being around people. He is fun, entertaining, and honest. So refreshing. 

Because we were trying to pack too many activities into the weekend/ I incorrectly typed the address into my GPS (the place is not difficult to find, just stupidity on my part), we ended up being pretty late (and not fashionably late, but really late). Fortunately, we --a party of 4-- were the only ones booked on that cruise so we weren't holding anyone else up. I am so grateful we still were able to sail, but I would have expected to sail until 7 (the scheduled time). Nope.

Mick gave us the full 2 hour sailing experience (plus more). I am so grateful! It made my Mom's weekend! 

In short, you won't be disappointed. Go with Mick.

Tracy M.
Coronado, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


My boyfriend and I booked a 2 hour sail boat tour while in San Diego on vacation!! From the first second of stepping aboard we had a blast!!! Mick was our captain and was such an amazing guy!! He was very knowledgable and taught us a lot of the "ropes"!! Worth every penny!!! Would definitely do it again and again and again!!!

Tisa H.
Spring Valley, Las Vegas, NV

Pacific Sailing Charters


There is no better way to see San Diego than a sail around the harbor.  I've done it many times and by far my best experience was with Captain Mick.  I wanted to see submarines and we saw three or four.  I wanted to see a big navy ship and we saw the aircraft carrier involved in the Bin Laden mission.  I had a lot of questions and Mick had a lot of answers and ideas.  It was more than I had hoped for.

Ann S.
Des Moines, IA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Had an amazing sailing adventure with captain mick during a trip to San Diego from boston. Very knowledgeable about San Diego and sailing in general and just an all around good guy to spend an afternoon with. Looking forward to sailing with him again next summer.

Casandra D.
Melrose, MA

Pacific Sailing Charters


There is no better way to see San Diego than a sail around the harbor.  I've done it many times and by far my best experience was with Captain Mick.  I wanted to see submarines and we saw three or four.  I wanted to see a big navy ship and we saw the aircraft carrier involved in the Bin Laden mission.  I had a lot of questions and Mick had a lot of answers and ideas.  It was more than I had hoped for.

Deborah D.
Washington, NJ

Pacific Sailing Charters


We sailed this past Saturday with Captain Mick, a sunset cruise on his 38 foot boat. It was really fun and relaxing. What was really cool was seeing some warships from the water side, and also cruising past the Navy's dolphin training base. Mick has a great personality and that really added to the adventure. He's also a very experienced sailor who races.

Rick M.
Irvine, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


What can I say? I got the sunset cruise in June for 2 for my boyfriend's birthday and we both LOVED it! From the time we arrived, it felt like we were all family.

We were on the boat with about 5 other people and our captain (Mick). There was plenty of room. He took us around San Diego bay. We saw a beautiful view of the downtown San Diego skyline, seals and birds of all sorts, a submarine, and learned quite well how to sail a boat. Our captain Mick was extremely knowledgeable about sailing and his experience at racing sailboats. We each even took turns sailing and it was so much fun! Would 110% recommend

sailing with Mick! He's amazing! Definitely worth it! Thanks for the fun evening!

Abrey B.
Chandler, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters


Captain Mick did an excellent job of educating and entertaining ... and providing great weather!  :-)

Anne F.
Cincinnati, OH

Pacific Sailing Charters


After 4 years of living in SD we finally did a sailing trip! Our experience could not have been more fabulous! Here it was, mid January, high 70's, blue skies!!!!

Perfect! Friends were in from the East Coast and we wanted to show off how awesome our city is, sailing in January??? Perfect!

We paid for a 1/2 day and when we arrived and Captain Mick said " how about I give you a full day, only charge you for 1/2 and we go CHASE WHALES"

Holy Crap Yes!!!!

Captain Mick was extremely personable, very knowledgable without being lecturing, and not Territorial over his sailboat. He allowed us to sail with the perfect amount of guidance.

It was an absolute FANTASTIC day! And it all had to do with our FABULOUS Captain!

Denise W.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Sailing with Capt. Mick really is the best way to see San Diego. Spending an evening out in the Bay on a beautiful boat with a great Captain should definitely be on everyone's list of things to do here. Captain Mick is a wonderful host, he knows everything about the city and the Bay and keeps things exciting with the occasional match race. We got to see it all, from seals and dolphins, to submarines and lighthouses, it was a truly awesome experience.

David M.
Charlottesville, VA

Pacific Sailing Charters


I bought the Groupon for the Sunset Sailing Cruise to take my girlfriend on. In the instructions that were emailed to us prior to the cruise, we were told we could BYOB, so we brought some wine.  Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted by Mick, the captain, and you can tell right away that he loves what he does.  He's a real easy going guy that is very knowledgeable about sailing and definitely puts you at ease.  He even let me help with the ropes for the sail and offered for us to drive the boat if we wanted.

As we had left the dock, Mick asked if anyone wanted him to play tour guide, in case we wanted him to point out some cool things along the way.  He had taken us out into the bay past the Navy dolphins and seals which were a fun sight to see. We also got to see some of the Navy submarines and airplanes as we cruised past.    I don't think there could have been a more perfect evening for the cruise, it was absolutely peaceful and we had the most beautiful sunset.

I would definitely recommend Mick's cruises to everybody.  It was so much fun and my girlfriend and I are definitely going to do another one. We are telling all our friends about the great time we had! Thanks Mick, can't wait until our next cruise!

Jeff L.
Orland Park, IL

Pacific Sailing Charters


Set a course for ADVENTURE with Captain Mick! He provides a perfect combination of skill, humor & knowledge that makes sailing fun as well as educational. From racing another boat to chill-axing & cruising the bay, Captain Mick will keep everyone entertained! Top notch service with a guy who really knows what he's doing. Can't wait to go again.

Create a memory & go sailing with Captain Mick

Jenny R.
Temecula, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


We had a great sail!!!!!  Evening and sunset were did cool off, but we were prepared for that.  Mick was great.....providing music and charm. Told us many things to see and do as part of our visit to San Diego.

It was a fun evening, Thanks Mick!

Bob S.
Winona, MN

Pacific Sailing Charters


Thank you!!  My husband and I had a wonderful time. Mick is very knowledgeable and a delight to sail with. Would love to sail again sometime soon!

Rachel G.
Chula Vista, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Great Experience! Highly recommend Captain Mick!  We'll be sailing with him again :)

David L.
Imperial Beach, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


What a great time! Mick was such an amazing captain! We were not lucky enough to have a sunset but Mick kept us entertained the entire trip. Hope to join him again next time we're in San Diego

Jeff G.
Charlotte, NC

Pacific Sailing Charters


What a perfect evening!!

We were very fortunate to have sunshine and ample wind for a sunset sail.  The wind allowed us to get all the way out past the point, for some exciting wave riding, which we loved!!! Mick's boat is classic and beautiful, and he is a very knowledgeable Captain, an expert on the area and sailing.

We will be doing this again! Highly recommended!!

Dani H.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Captain mick gave us a great afternoon sailing on the bay! We have taken the hornblower cruises before and he sailed us in areas we hadn't been previously on the larger boats. It was so much fun, he has a great personality and really knows his stuff!

Clare H.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Amazing experience, we had a wonderful time, weather was awesome.
Will be going again soon.  Learned lots of things about sailing.

Peggy A.
Los Alamos, NM

Pacific Sailing Charters


Thank you very muck Mick. We had a great sail and will definitely be back, and have already been recommending you.

Thank you for the pictures-they are great!!!


Pacific Sailing Charters


We wanted to surprise my dad with a birthday sail so purchased a three-hour sunset sail that we found on Groupon. We were very happy with our experience and my dad very much enjoyed his special day. Mick was a delight, easy to book with, and a very fun captain, sharing sailing stories and even sailing advice.

Some charters make you purchase their beer/snacks but Mick encouraged us to bring our own--which we certainly did--made for the perfect little picnic! Rest assured, this is a good deal and Mick is a great guy--you'll have fun on his trips.

One note of advice, if you don't know the area very well, don't try and wing it to find the dock. Simply call Mick and he'll give excellent directions if you don't know where you are going.

Amanda S.
El Cajon, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


The experience is so amazing that you'll want to buy a boat once you port.  Hands down the absolute best sailing excursion you could take.  Mick makes you feel safe, comfortable and welcomed right from the start.  My girlfriend chartered the deal for me as a birthday present.  I had high expectations of the experience and they were all met. 

Right from the get-go I got to learn how to change a sale, how to tie sailing knots, what all the lines were for and basically got insightful coaching and mentoring from one of San Diego's most experienced and enthusiastic Captain's out there. 

I knew I'd expand my sailing lexicon from more than just starboard and port, but I didn't think I'd feel so motivated that I wanted to make sailing a personal goal of mine.  The sailing lifestyle seems amazing and I hope to join it someday.   

The Race: 

So we started out towards the ocean and Mick is so seasoned that we out-maneuvered and beat (racing) this other sailboat that had a bigger and faster sail.  (Mick took the racing one down since we were beginners).  This however didn't matter as Mick's experience with the water and winds figured out a way for us to forge ahead and beat the other boat with ease.  With his coaching and my exceptional cranking-the-rope skills, we zigzagged back and forth to victory. 

The Surprise:

Once we got out to sea and had enough fun we turned around to head back.  So the entire time out I got to participate and do a lot of handling the ropes.  On the way back Mick gave us time to take all our photos, steer the sailboat, and relax.  What I didn't know is that we were being escorted!  Dolphins decided to splash, jump and play right next to the boat, as I exclaimed that they were saying happy birthday to me.  I think it was apparent how excited we were to see wild dolphins up so close jumping next to the sailboat almost in arms-reach.  Perhaps it's the blue paint on the bottom of Mick's boat that attracts them. 

Winding down:

So we finally made it back after several hours of sun and fun.  They say you can bond in a round of golf.  I think a sailing, dolphin, and sea-bound experience can do just the same.  Take a group of friends or go as a date with your significant other.  Mick makes it comfortable and a memory you'll forever cherish.  As we got back we decided to kick back and chat for a minute about sailing and San Diego.  Mick really knows his stuff and is a great person to know that is well connected in the sailing and San Diego community.  I'd highly recommend choosing his charters for your next sailing experience!

Tom J.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


No visit to San Diego is complete without a sailing excursion with Captain Mick.  We recently moved to San Diego and our two sons were home on spring break from college out east so we were looking for a fun activity that would let them really enjoy the San Diego weather and beauty.  Captain Mick gave us the perfect outing.  We know nothing about sailing but he was happy to teach us and to give us tasks so that we felt like we were helping out.  When we felt lazy and just wanted to kick back with some wine, Mick regaled us with entertaining stories.  He is a charming host and a very knowledgeable sailing captain.  This was the quintessential San Diego experience - laid back and active. On the boat, we were living the moment in one of the most beautiful places in the country.  It was like a massage for the mind - relaxing and invigorating.  Thank you, Captain Mick.

Barrett A.
La Jolla, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


This sailing trip was the highlight of our vacation!  Thanks Captain Mick!

My husband and I booked the 3 hour sunset sail.  The wind, weather and the seas were perfect for the trip We sailed out past Point Loma and saw seals.  We were on the lookout for whales and dolphin, but none spotted this trip.  Beautiful views of the city, too!

Mick is an excellent captain and tour guide, and he will let you be as involved or uninvolved as you want to be in sailing the boat.  Mick shared a lot of local information and gave us great hints on places to visit while we were in town.
We will definitely be booking another trip with Mick when we return.

Nicole D.
Greensboro, NC

Pacific Sailing Charters


Mick knows his job. Wonderful day on the water. He let my girlfriend and I sail his boat heading out to sea. We were challenged by another trying to beat us back into the bay. Mick made it really fun and made it out to be a race and we beat them. We brought our own lunch but Mick was prepared had we not had our own food. The couples cruise is definitely worth every penny...WE ARE COMING BACK!!

i wanted something exciting to do with my  girl friend visiting from nyc. booked an outing with captain mick. this trip is worth every penny and then some. we sailed his boat, got to see great sites and had our own regatta racing another boat back into the harbor. we are coming back to visit in the near future. mick is the best host and captain. i highly recommend mick to all my friends who visit sand diego. byob and have a ball. mick is very knowledgeable about the night life and culinary hot spots. his recommendations are spot on we enjoyed all the spots he directed us to.

"big jim" and dena

James R.
Winslow, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters


O.K.  I have to put my two cents in as well.  My husband and I were visiting San Diego to see my son and we wanted to experience sailing while there.  We live in the Bay Area and have been on a couple sailboat excursions in S.F.  Nothing has compared to the time we had with Mick.  Mick is a brilliant captain that allows his passengers to really get involved (if they want to). 

We happened to hit a great day - strong wind, blue sky - just beautiful conditions.  We saw a whale, rode the wind and enjoyed the on hands learning that Mick provided. I would HIGHLY recommend this trip to anyone.  Just make sure you bring your sense of humor and curiosity.  Mick will keep you entertained!

Dawn L.
Novato, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


This was by far the best groupon I've ever bought and I highly suggest going on the couple's cruise! Mick was such a welcoming and personable captain. He made sure that we had a wonderful time and I definitely plan to go again next time I'm in San Diego.

We had a beautiful sunset and Mick was not only an awesome captain but a photographer as well! He took wonderful pictures of each couple and sent them later that night to us. All in all, it was a great experience and worth the money- don't miss out on this great deal!

Darcy R.
Manhattan, NY

Pacific Sailing Charters


Hello Mick:

Thank you for the pictures.

I wanted to thank you again for a great time last week.  Our Team had a great time, it was the PERFECT way to start a business meeting, down time, working and communicating as a Team, learning from one-another, learning about sailing from you and seeing the whales.  What a great day.  I would highly recommend this activity for any group that needs to develop more as a concessive Team!

Thank you again.
Scott J. Sarisky
Regional General Manager | Genentech, Inc.| Phoenix, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters


Thanks Captain Mick.

Really good time and a great learning experience. Captain Mick is willing to provide whatever sailing experience your looking for. I wanted to learn the ropes (pun intended), so I got to work the lines a bit and get the once over from a very knowledgeable sailor.

I went with my GF and her family and one other couple and everyone had a genuinely awesome time. Mick is personable, experienced, and well-informed. He can point you to all the local spots from eateries to yoga rooms and tell you anecdotes from old Navy logs to his personal experiences in the boardroom.

Mick is funny, friendly, and malleable. He will provide you with whatever sailing adventure you want to take, so don't be afraid to ask.

Thanks for a good trip and shoot me an email and we'll be back soon!

Brad N.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Bought the groupon as a gift for my boyfriend and was a little unsure of what to expect. Once we got there we had a great time! The captain was awesome and gave us a great feel for what sailing is all about! Definately want to go back!

Megan J.
Carlsbad, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Sailing with Mickey was unbelievable. Such a fun, exciting way to learn and experience sailing. Mickey is a phenomenal host, with a personality that seems like you've known each forever. The sunset on the city was breathtaking. This trip is highly recommended. We will for sure be back with a group of friends.

Callie H.
Scottsdale, AZ

Pacific Sailing Charters


Mick was amazing!  Great host and took us out on an amazing sail to see Grey Whales.  I highly recommend if you are looking for someone to take you sailing on the beautiful waters of San Diego you give Sailing San Diego a call. 

I know we will next time we our out in San Diego.  Hands down an amazing experience.

Michelle P.
Frisco, TX

Pacific Sailing Charters


This was such a great experience that we went back twice! Definitely one of the greatest Groupon purchases we ever made.  Captain Mick is an expert sailor and he is very enthusiastic about teaching people.  My boyfriend and I both had an amazing time at the helm, steering his 37ft racing sailboat!  You are allowed to bring your own booze and snacks, and he also has some chips and things available for you as well.  We saw dolphins on our trip, as well as Naval helicopters and ships and lots of playful sea lions.  This adventure is great for people that just want to relax and cruise, or those people that want to learn to sail their own boat.  Captain Mick is really easy to get along with and he is flexible on time and working with your schedule.  We have tried renting other sailboats, but this was by far the best time we have ever had.  I hope we get to go back again soon!

Christina P.
Valley Center, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Mick was funny, down to earth, knowledgeable, and just a good guy to be around. We went out on a mellow, overcast day and still had a blast. He was able to find the only wind out there  that day and get us moving. We learned so much and really came back with a new appreciation for sailing and the sport. He was flexible with us as far as schedule and what we wanted to do. Originally we though we would just go out and get sailed around, but by the end of it we were all about pulling on ropes, and having a friendly "who can steer better" competition.

It was also very relaxing for my us as a couple to spend the day on the bay and enjoy the sights along the bay. This tour is worth every cent and more and we will definitely be back again in hope of some warm sun and billowing winds.

Lacey P.
Fresno, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


My sister and I had a great time sailing with Mick. He is so friendly and let us help as much as we wanted (and chill and drink as much as we wanted too)! It was a great day. We saw beautiful views of the city, Pacific, and the sunset. I will definitely go again.

Rebecca J.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


We had a terrific afternoon sailing San Diego Bay and out beyond Point Loma. Mick is a very experienced sailor and has lived in San Diego area all his life. His great sense of humor and his stories of the area added to our enjoyment. He loves to get people involved by putting them to work pulling lines out of their cleats and operating the winches. Even

allowing us to take the wheel. Out beyond the point, white-sided dolphins were swimming along side the boat, and we spotted whales from a distance. Chartering with Mick was a great adventure at a reasonable price. Bring some sandwiches and beverages and have a great sailing experience. Thanks Mick! We really enjoyed sailing with you!

Bob S.
De Motte, IN

Pacific Sailing Charters


I had a fantastic sail with Mick and a small group from Germany. He is really accommodating and the was fast and comfortable- best sailing experience yet. Will definitely be back

Ronald S.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


"Wow" is the first word that comes to mind. My husband and I had an awesome time sailing towards the Coronado Islands. The boat was extremely comfortable, the weather was great and Captain Mick was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. My husband especially enjoyed steering the boat and I enjoyed watching him. We were able to kick back, relax and enjoy our champagne. Mick even provided us with snacks! I've never been sailing before, so I was a little apprehensive, however, Captain Mick's skills put me at ease and we had a beautiful time. If you are looking for a sailing charter, I would definitely recommend Pacifica Sailing Charters!

Kheesha L.
Raleigh, NC

Pacific Sailing Charters


I had a wonderful time sailing towards the Coronado Islands. The Ranger 37 is a comfortable boat and there is a lot of space to enjoy the beautiful view. Mick is friendly  and a very experience sailor. I enjoyed being able to steer the boat and learn more about San Diego. This sailing charter isn't crowded so you feel like it a private charter at an affordable price. Awesome! You'll get to see seals, pelicans, and perhaps even a pod of dolphins.

Unexpected Plus:
Mick went above and beyond by taking few pictures of me and the sailing trip with his camera for free! He promptly emailed me the digital files as well. Unheard of with other sailing charters.

Book your trip! You'll have a fantastic time!

Rachel M.
Milwaukee, WI

Pacific Sailing Charters


I am a recent transplant from Utah and decided to go sailing with my husband.  Captain Mick was awesome!  It was the perfect day sailing!  We saw the Star of India, seals, dolphins, and even a race.  Captain Mick let us trim the sails... fun considering we are sail boat virgins.  We had a bottle of wine, some sandwiches and an all over awesome experience. 

We left the boat sunburned and happy. Bring your sunscreen!

Dusti S.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Mick is nice. Not a pretentious, rich kid sailor. And, not a loser sailboat bum. I think anyone would feel comfortable going for a sail with him. He is a successful business man who loves life and what he does. A good role model for most of southern California. My wife and I had a great time. We learned to sail. We had a few drinks. Life was good. We are the overeducated, super-critical, high expectations type so if we liked it, pretty much anyone would. I highly recommend it. If you haven't been sailing before, it will change your life. If you want a boat and your girlfriend doesn't understand why, she will after this. Just do it.

Michael L.
Milwaukee, WI

Pacific Sailing Charters


Had a great experience with Captain Mick sailing around San Diego! Mick was very nice, brought food, beer and wine for us on the boat.  He was very friendly and we had a great time with him.  It was a beautiful day, we sailed out of the channel and out into the ocean.  Mick taught us some good, basic sailing knowledge, and then took over so we could relax and hang out feet off the front of the boat.  We felt like we were just hangin with an old friend. The boat was nice and comfortable. Hoping to go again soon!

Ginger C.
San Clemente, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


I was looking for a unique team building experience for our team and Mick delivered. I went onto the boat not knowing a single thing about sailing. By the end of it I was managing the head sail and was a great learning experience. Mick did a great job of giving us directions and organizing the event. He also provided Team T-Shirts, which we got to keep, breakfast donust and a great lunch when we were finished racing. He even was able to customize it based on dietary concerns. Everyone on staff was easygoing and great to talk to. I hope that we can do another event with these guys sometime in the future.

Osman U.
Ashburn, VA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Mick and his crew were awesome.  His boat was nice and clean.  He has a good attitude and sense of humor.  Mick took time out to teach and explain to others what was happening at the current time and the reasons for doing so.  He never got frustrated with everyone's lack of experience because that's the kind of person he is. I would definitely go back out with them.

Theo T.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


I usually don't trust places with only 5 star reviews, but this place does only deserve 5 stars!

Mick, the captain is a sailing pro and made our sailing day one of the best ones I had in my life. I enjoyed his humor and learned a lot too. We saw tons of dolphins too. Highly recommended! I will book one again as soon as I have the time.

Nik B.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Captain Mick is a great host and is very friendly and attentive. I learned a lot on my trip and was also able to just sit and enjoy the ride.

I would recommend him to anyone wishing to just go sailing or looking to learn sailing as well.

Chris P.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


First off I hadn't been sailing in what felt like a million years, so when I got the opportunity to sail with Mick, I was so excited! 

From the get go, the service was over the top.  Not only is Mick one of the coolest guys I've met, but we were allowed to BYOB and really kick back and relax as we headed out to sail.  Once we put the sails up, I got to steer and learn some of the tricks of the trade.  I don't know any other charter company that would give you so much hands on experience while being a novice.  I loved every second of it!

Mick really knows his stuff and has great knowledge of the area.  I guess that is the added benefit when you sail with a long-time local! 

Great people and a stellar experience overall!!!  I can't wait to go again!

Lindsey B.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Our family scattered ashes today with Mick.  He made it very pleasant for us, and we are looking froward to going out on a sailing day with Sailing San Diego Bay!  We will treasure todays memory.

Gina M.
Poway, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


We contacted this company about scattering ashes at sea. In additional to being the most economical they were extremely accommodating. They provided exactly the kind of service we were looking for.  The boat, time of departure and duration of the trip were at our convenience. They chose the  location of the scattering;  Coronado, the Hotel Del and the bay bridge as a beautiful backdrop. Mick said to watch for a magical moment to happen as each ash scattering trip he'd escorted had an "event".  Sure enough, one did happen for us as well. Thanks to Mick and Don, we had a very pleasurable experience for a not-so-pleasant chore.

Sandee E.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


I had such a blast with my friends sailing around San Diego Bay with Captain Mick! We learned so much about sailing and taking care of the boat and the rules of the road. I felt very safe as we navigated around all the other boats, large and small.  We learned about the sheets and the lines and most importantly, when to get out of the way.  It was a perfect afternoon and a great way to view beautiful San Diego.  I highly recommend  a sailing excursion with Captain Mick if you are looking for an adventure that is fun for all ages.

Cassidy S.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


I got a chance to Go sailing for the first time ever...Captain Mick was awesome...He explained everything to us about sailing, and would even let us help with the actual sailing of the boat.  We got to go into the open ocean which was great...I would def recommend Sailing San Diego Bay to anyone who wants to get a true ocean sailing experience...

Robert F.
Poway, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


We were in town for just a short time and wanted to enjoy a beautiful afternoon sailing San Diego so we gave Mick a call. Mick and his crew fit us in with no problems. He picked us up from the clubhouse and our journey began. They showed us a few tacking skills, great views of the bay and naval base, and the best eats from boat! 

We saw lots of sea life and was even allowed to take charge and steer the boat! We had a fantastic time on the Masquerade and recommend them to anyone that wants to enjoy a day sailing Mission Bay!  The boat is clean and beautiful and Mick and the crew is top notch for professional service, skills, and showing you a great time on and off the water! 

Don't forget to take a peak at his wife's little shop for some out of this world eats! I will definitely pass the word everytime I hear anyone of my friends talk about being in SD!

Linh X.
Minnisota MS

Pacific Sailing Charters


We went sailing over 4th of July weekend with Sailing San Diego Bay. What a great time !! Mick the captain taught us a lot about sailing and even let some of us drive the boat. I highly recommend this excursion for anyone who want to sail in San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean on a sailboat. We are going back for another trip at end of month.

James H.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


AWESOME!... This was the best sailing charter EVER! Not only was our captain totally hilarious, but his knowledge of the area and cool tidbits made it even better. The boat was awesome and was stocked with beer, wine, snacks and water. He also had a BYOB policy which allowed us to bring a special bottle of chocolate vodka. This was by far the best birthday ever and can't wait to do it again. Thank Mick, You ROCK!

Stacey M.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


I had not been sailing in several years and was a bit hesitant to get back out, so I gave Sailing San Diego Bay a try. I had heard about it from a customer at Point Loma Seafood, and I am most grateful for the suggestion.

I had a friend visiting from out of town and I thought this would be a great way to show her our beautiful city, so armed with a special bottle of Champagne and Wine from a vineyard she and I explored on my last visit to her hometown, we met Mick and his crew at the dock. Right from the start we were made comfortable with a entertaining safety lesson, and he went out of his way to relieve her minor fear of water (I had no idea) and off we went.

I had owned a 27' sailboat many years ago so I knew my friend was expecting me to know much of what I was doing. With some subtle/discreet instruction from Mick, he let me take the helm and I got to navigate the channel and even got to play Captain when we had the sails up and were hauling ass at one point!! Very cool indeed! The boat was beautiful and well set up with everything we may have needed. I even saw a flat screen and DVD set-up for kids or below deck time activities.

The day was perfect and although he had nothing to do with the weather, I had so much fun I forgot to take the seasick pill I brought (just to be safe and manly of course) and we both did great! This is a newer company with a well seasoned Captain and they book up quickly, so I suggest you plan ahead for reservations so you don't miss out. Thanks for a great experience and I will sail with you again!

Dave L.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters 

Three things are needed to deliver an over the top Team-Building event:

1. A dynamic presenter who knows team building.
2. An activity that can only be accomplished with team work.
3. Life changing lessons.

Mick Moore of Sailing San Diego Bay has redefined the way these three principles impact performance.
I signed up my team for an "excursion" on Mick's sailboat. He exceeded my expectations. The excitement level was huge as we were sailing out into the Pacific Ocean. Mick's way of holding every job on the boat at a high level encouraged participation and warranted team work. In life not everything goes according to plan and on the sailboat we got to experience having to work together and NOT blame each other when things didn't go as planned. Those lessons are priceless.

I recommend Mick Moore and Sailing San Diego Bay without the slightest bit of reservation.

Dan B. - The Selling Shop
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Wow! Awesome day on the water with Captain Mick, skipper of Masquerade, a 37' racing sloop. My husband and I were in desperate need of a fun and unusual day away from the grind. We chartered a sail of San Diego bay with Mick and had a spectacular experience. We cruised by the Midway, watched dolphins leaping waves, and laughed at the seals sunning themselves on the buoys.

I wish I could describe how amazing and rejuvenating it was to spend time in the sunshine and see this gorgeous city with a friendly, professional and knowledgable guide who made us feel as if we were in the company of a personal friend.

Paulette B.
Fallbrook, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Sailing San Diego Bay offered us an amazing half-day experience in San Diego Bay!  Mick and his crew were friendly, personable, and made for smooth sailing during our three hour excursion (during which, we were excited to see dolphins and sea lions!). Mick is willing to teach you anything you are willing to learn, so be sure to ask lots of questions!  He is knowledgeable about the area and everything we saw as well as sailing.  A true renaisance man and exceptional host.  Interested in trying your hand at playing skipper?  He’ll teach you the tips and tricks of the trade!  I wouldn’t look any further for a divine San Diego sailing experience. The price is well worth the incredible experience.  I had high expectations leading up to this excursion and they were surpassed by the experience itself! Our sailing trip was tailored to meet our needs: an adventure on the bay enjoying the water, learning a bit about sailing, and meeting some amazing new people!

Brianna M.
Yorba Linda, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


It was amazing sailing with Captain Mick on the Masquerade! Our half-day adventure couldn’t have been more fun!! Perfect wind conditions allowed us to Ocean sail as well as tour the Harbor.Being sailors ourselves, Captain Mick allowed US to sail, skipper and crew, even race (and beat) another racing yacht, all the while giving tips and encouragement. When we wanted to relax with our wine, he took over. You won’t have a better time anywhere, whether you want a relaxing cruise or an exhilarating race, Captain Mick is very accommodating. He’s a 4th generation San Diegian who knows the bay above and below the waterline… and he’s an all around interesting guy!

Adam Z.
Bakersfield, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Did a 3 hour sailing cruise today with captain Mick... it was sooo nice! The boat is beautiful and comfortably accommodates 6 people. It has a bathroom and a kitchen, so you can bring food and beverages aboard. Captain Mick was very good at answering all of my questions about sailing and of explaining what things were called on the boat.

If anyone wants a reasonably priced, private tour of the San Diego Bay and beyond, I highly recommend this company. They even have special packages for engagements and overnight stays.

Colette G.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

Dear Mick,
Dexter and I cannot thank you enough for the delightful afternoon on your boat. It was a somber occasion in some respect, but it also provided necessary closure. Thank you for caring and providing Michael s final wish. The spot you took us to off the point was just very special. The description you gave of the bottom and the surrounding kelp forest was  beautiful and I know he is resting in a very precious spot. Thank you again.

San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

On a glorious San Diego Saturday in late September, six adult members of my family and my son’s best friend gathered at the marina at San Diego Yacht Club. We had come together to sail a legal distance so that we could sprinkle my son’s ashes. His wife, parents, sister, brother, sister–in-law, and best friend had come together to honor his final wishes for disposal of his body. He wanted his ashes to be sprinkled on his beloved ocean. His brother’s friend, Mick, was our captain, first mate was Jaimie Anderson.

When everyone had arrived, Mick suggested that we buy sandwiches and drinks from the deli. In addition, Mick had told us that we could bring music but none of us could decide so we had no CD. Mick, having been told that Michael had been born in Hawaii, brought a CD of Hawaiian music, perfect for the occasion. It took a while to arrive at the perfect spot off Point Loma. During the ride, our family could and did tell small stories about Michael, who had loved the ocean and, when he was healthy, was at the OB pier most weekends, and jumping from the rocks at Sunset Cliffs.

When we arrived at a beautiful spot suggested by Capt. Mick, each family member sprinkled ashes in the ocean, using rice paper cups as nothing can go into the ocean that is not bio-degradable. Some of us said a few words, but most were silent. We all knew Michael was where he wanted to be. The trip back was relatively quiet and quite serene. It was a magical afternoon and we will always be grateful to Mick for this experience.

Mr. And Mrs. Dexter H.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

I moved back to San Diego about 11 years ago, I have three daughters and wanted them to see the beautiful views of the city from the water. I thought about one of those bigger tour boats but wanted something more personal. I absolutely love sail boats, but neither own one or know how to sail!

Mick’s tour was spectacular, he was knowledgeable, friendly and a very competent sailor. We had a wonderful day, we had lunch, enjoyed the gorgeous views and learned a little too! I highly recommend this tour to visitors and natives alike. It was a day my daughters, my husband and I will never forget. Thank You Mick.

Renee V.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters


Stayed aboard their beautiful sailboat for one night and did a four hour cruise.  Boat was immaculate and very comfortable.  The harbor cruise was spectacular.  Our skipper was very knowledgable.  We plan to take lessons in the future and do a Catalina cruise.

David and Audrey K.
San Diego, CA

Pacific Sailing Charters

I moved back to San Diego about 11 years ago, I have three daughters and wanted them to see the beautiful views of the city from the water. I thought about one of those bigger tour boats but wanted something more personal. I absolutely love sail boats, but neither own one or know how to sail! Mick’s tour was spectacular, he was knowledgeable, friendly and a very competent sailor. We had a wonderful day, we had lunch, enjoyed the gorgeous views and learned a little too! I highly recommend this tour to visitors and natives alike. It was a day my daughters, my husband and I will never forget.

Thank You Mick.
Renee Vanders
San Diego, Ca.


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